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May 22nd, 2015
Forex Trading

What Defines a Great Trader?

The answer to what defines a great trader is simply this.

They win bigger than they lose.

It’s not about how many times you win or how many times you lose,  it’s about how big your wins are and how small your losses are.

Take a look at one of our members Bruce and his results below for the last 7 months. Some months his returns are limited but other months he is making some incredible returns.

Join me on Monday evening at 8pm AEST when I will show you live what trades we are looking to take next and how you can profit from trading with us.

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Places are Limited. Register Today to Secure Your Place.



* All ROI (Returns on Investment) are for the calendar month stated, based on profits earned for the month on their Trading Capital. ROI quoted is after all fees and brokerage. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

May 18th, 2015
Andrew Barnett

Andrew Barnett’s Top 7 Trading Principles.

Andrew Barnett ltg goldrock sky newsOver the last 14 years I have experienced a massive amount trading and working with some extremely successful and wealthy investors. I have kept a personal trading diary that I write in most days and I wanted to share with you 7 principles that are in my diary that I try never to break. I thought you might enjoy reading them.

  • Keep everything simple.
  • Trade fundamental strength vs. weakness.
  • Back yourself.
  • Focus on fundamental history. It’s rarely wrong!
  • Where is big money likely to back me up?
  • What are central banks saying & doing?
  • Don’t believe all the B.S. Just do your own thing.

It is very simple to make things complicated but it is difficult to make something that seems complicated simple. On Monday night at 8pm AEST I will endeavour to make things simple for you. I’ll show you that it is not beyond your ability to invest successfully and be in the money making business for yourself, instead of just making the fund managers richer whilst you live in hope.

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Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. This is a leveraged investment that can magnify losses as well as profits. All ROI (Returns on Investment) are for the calendar month stated, based on profits earned for the month on their Trading Capital. ROI quoted is after all fees and brokerage.

May 11th, 2015
Andrew Barnett

US Unemployment rate drops to 5.4%. 223,000 jobs created.

The US Non-Farm Payrolls data that was released on Friday evening at 10.30pm AEST showed the US economy created 223,000 jobs in the month of April and the official unemployment rate is now 5.4%, the best it has been since the GFC.

LTG GoldRock Client Mathew Keal

Mathew Keal has been learning to trade Forex with LTG GoldRock and has enjoy the last 2 months of positive returns.

By the end of the trading session on Friday the US Dollar was mostly unchanged after the release of the jobs data, which is in direct contrast to how stock markets reacted. The S&P 500, Nasdaq and Dow Jones all rose well over 1% with the Dow rising 1.49%.  The only reason why stocks rallied was that stock market investors for some reason read into the statement and concluded that April’s jobs number wasn’t strong enough for the Fed to raise interest rates any time soon. That seems in direct contrast to those who trade the US Dollar. If the market as a whole considered the jobs number in the US Friday to be weak I think the US Dollar and US 10 Year Treasury Yield would have sold off stronger than it was. I think the US Fed’s view of the economy will continue to be what it has been. The US economy is improving and it will get at least one interest rate hike in 2015 to bring the official cash rate to 0.75%.

Stocks don’t rise when interest rates are going to go up. The mindset is traders will sell stocks when the anticipation is interest rates will rise and the price of borrowing money increases. More Americans than any time in history right now have margin loans and have invested that money in US stocks. The Dow Jones is effectively flat to marginally higher for 2015 however Friday’s close on Wall Street puts the Dow only 110 points away from its 2015 high. I am concerned millions of Americans are blindly following the crowd into an overcrowded stock market in the US and when rates rise they could be the big losers as markets could fall very quickly.

March’s employment figures were in fact revised lower not higher so perhaps traders were combining March and April’s numbers to conclude the data was strong enough to buy stocks in the hope of no rate rise soon, but not strong enough to sell off the US Dollar.

LTG GoldRock Members can access the full report in the Goldrock Insider Report Monday the 11th of May 2015

May 11th, 2015
Andrew Barnett

Here’s how it works. Your 2 Free FX Coaching sessions start tonight.

Your 2 Free Live FX Coaching Sessions start Tonight. Here is how it works…

Tonight 8pm AEST (Sydney Time), our first session will meet the needs of every new FX trader as we train you on all the essential must know facts about the FX market.

On Tuesday at 8pm AEST you have the opportunity to join me live in the markets for a 60 minute coaching session. However on this occasion we won’t be just training together, we will be trading together. Listen and watch as I talk you through the financial markets live. I will coach you personally for an entire hour under real live market conditions, explain the trade set-ups that I am looking for and how you can learn them with me. It will be an eye-opening experience and a taste of how I speak with my traders every day.

But once again this is a closed-door private coaching event and I am limiting it to only a fraction of our investor list. I would appreciate it if you could confirm your attendance today, so click on this link right now and let’s get your spot locked it in.

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In Tonight’s special coaching session I am going to share all the key basics with you in a live 60 minute online event. The important stuff such as…

  • What type of traders make the most money. Short term, Medium term or Long Term?
  • What experience do you need to be a profitable trader?
  • How long does it take until you can start making money?
  • How much money do you need to get started?
  • What sort of returns on investment could you expect to make in the first 12 months?
  • What sort of risk is applied to each trade?

If you can make it I assure you that Tonight’s & Tuesday night’s Coaching Session will give you more valuable content about the FX market and the potential profit opportunity than ever before. I just hope you are free to join me.

TOTM April phil mat

May 6th, 2015
Learn to Trade

Kiwi Unemployment figures steady at 5.8%. NZD drops.

You may have noticed a moderate decline in the Kiwi Dollar at around 8.45am AEST today when the latest unemployment figures were released. The official unemployment rate remained at 5.8% however a survey of leading economists prior to the data release expected the unemployment rate to fall to 5.5%.  Statistics New Zealand who compiles the data also said there were 3,000 more Kiwis without jobs in April. The weaker than expected unemployment number comes on the back of the RBNZ’s comments that it may need to lower the official cash rate if the economic data warrants it.

When the market receives a data announcement that is out of line with expectations the currency that is directly related to that data is usually bought or sold quickly. On this occasion the data was weaker than expected so the sellers sold off the NZD.

Keep in mind that RBNZ Governor Graham Wheeler speaks tomorrow at 10.00am AEST and he may use his speech to once again try and talk the currency down and give forward guidance on the Central Banks thoughts on the economy.

If you would like to read more about the official unemployment figures for New Zealand released today you can click on this link.

April 27th, 2015
Andrew Barnett

LTG GoldRock Hot Market Tip. My Golden Investment rules.

Over the years I have developed some Golden Investment Rules that I do my best to stick by. Here they are. You might think they are simple and I agree they are. But they have been incredibly effective and profitable for me over the years and I would never trade any other way.

  • Never risk more than 3% of my account across any series of trades.
  • Never have any more than 3 trades in the market at any one time. 1% risk per trade.
  • Never trade against a Central Banks wishes.
  • Keep everything simple and never deviate from the trading system.
  • Wins must be bigger than losses overall. Evaluate every month.

Please set aside 60 minutes on Monday at 8pm AEST and join me in my online trading room. If you have never seen a real professional trader trade and talk you through his thought processes and systems then I think you will love it!

Bruce Porich LTG GoldRock Member


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April 23rd, 2015
Andrew Barnett

LTG GoldRock Hot Market Tip. How to retire rich!

Every news item is a warning or an opportunity. Timing your entry and exit is critical investing and trading. Screw this up and the big opportunity is going to elude you. So how do you know when the big opportunities will present? Listen up and I will do my best to explain.

All economies and markets are related in one single defining way. Interest rates! Every market revolves around Central Bank interest rates. Stock markets, commodity markets, currency markets, index markets, Gold, Oil, you name it; it all boils down to what Central Banks are doing with interest rates and if they are printing money. So your success as an investor is highly likely going to come down to you timing your investments surrounding Central Bank actions. Your knowledge and timing of credit cycles and your understanding of what Central Banks are doing with interest rates is key. You must know how interest rates and monetary policy adjustments (printing money) affect markets.

Interest rate adjustments create credit booms and busts and it is these booms and busts that create tremendous profit making opportunities.

In reality consumers can only spend what they earn. But what most consumers do around the world today is borrow to be able to keep up with the “Joneses” and live a lifestyle they really can’t afford. It’s an illusion they get sucked into that is like a black hole for many. Take for example the headline story on CNBC today that 1/3 of Americans (106 million) have saved less than $1000 for retirement. 57% have less than $25,000. The average Australian’s Super is gone by the age of 70.

The huge borrowing we all undertake throughout our lives creates short-term debt cycles where consumers borrow more than they can afford which ultimately leads to a recession and a credit bust. This is then followed by a credit boom as consumers spend more than they can afford again. Central Banks eventually tighten monetary policy and interest rates rise and the credit boom turns into a credit bust and the cycle continues again and again.

Every currency and every financial market is cycling around these credit booms and busts. Right now in Australia we are experiencing a credit boom in the housing market as interest rates are at historical lows and borrowing money is cheap. In the USA they are also experiencing the start of another credit boom as the US economy recovers from the credit bust of the GFC.

These credit cycles usually last around 5 to 8 years and the credit bust in the USA in 2008 that quickly spread globally lead to an eventual credit boom created by Central Banks. In another 5 to 8 years the credit bust will happen again and the cycle will continue.

My question to you today is this. Do you understand what credit cycle the market is in right now and how to profit? If you do know then you are in the box seat to make a lot of money, so long as you act on the opportunity and you don’t sit and watch the credit cycles pass you by. The average person does not and that is why most of the people around the world who are approaching retirement age will sadly die poor and this will only get worse in the future. This is the single biggest fear baby boomers have today. Dying poor. 

To make big money or to ensure you do not die poor you need to pay attention to credit cycles and understand where price is likely going to be in the future, not where price is now or next week. Understand the credit cycles, understand what Central Banks are likely doing in the coming 6 to 9 months and position your money in the direction that favours the credit cycles. That’s when you will truly see success as a trader or investor and you will make very meaningful profits.

And you will give yourself a fighting chance to retire and die rich!

Contact Us Today for a Personal Trading Consultation.

Let me trade live in front of you this Monday evening at 8pm AEST and show you the strategic unemotional way we go about making higher returns on investment trading the biggest market in the world. Plus, I will give you my next big currency trades.


Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. This is a leveraged investment that can magnify losses as well as profits. All ROI (Returns on Investment) are for the calendar month stated, based on profits earned for the month on their Trading Capital. ROI quoted is after all fees and brokerage.

April 13th, 2015
Andrew Barnett

GBPJPY is volatile so watch your volume.

The GBPJPY is one of the most volatile currencies when it comes to its daily trading range therefore it is critical that you watch carefully your volume when trading the GBPJPY.

The value per pip won’t always equate to 10c per pip if trading volume of 0.01. Your profit and losses are based on the Quote currency being the second symbol code in the currency pair. In the case of GBPJPY, profit and losses are in JPY. Therefore when calculating risk, the value per pip must be converted back to AUD from JPY if you have a trading account that is denominated in AUD.

Simply put, you MUST use the LTG GoldRock risk calculator for every trade, as it will take into consideration the currency exchange rate.

April 9th, 2015
Forex Trading

LTG GoldRock Trade Tip. Why People Fail?

The answer to the question of why people fail when trying to trade on their own is three things.

  1. They do not understand how to manage risk.
  2. They are constantly trying to influence a trade which is fruitless.
  3. They are not exposed to the right information for long enough about how financial markets really work. So they are last in and first out.

This coming Monday evening at 8pm AEST, I am going to address these 3 key points in detail and provide you with valuable knowledge and information that I am certain will see you prosper into the future as a savvy investor. Provided you do what I tell you to do when it comes to the 3 points above.

My promise to you is that I will keep it simple and to the point. I personally hate it when people beat around the bush, so get ready for some straight talking money making tips. But for this live event you will need to register for as I am only taking 200 investors into my online trading room on Monday night. You can register right now by clicking on the link below and I will send you some more reminders over the coming days with some more great money making tips.


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Let me trade live in front of you this Monday evening at 8pm AEST and show you the strategic unemotional way we go about making higher returns on investment trading the biggest market in the world. Plus, I will give you my next big currency trade.

April 7th, 2015
Andrew Barnett

The Big move today!

There is a major profit making opportunity for us today.

If the Reserve Bank of Australia puts the official Central Bank interest rate down at 2.30pm the Aussie Dollar is likely to fall very sharply on the rate reduction. The last time the RBA put the official interest rate down was on the 3rd February this year and the AUD vs USD sunk close to 2c on the news within 6 hours.

I have instructed our members on what I expect the Aussie Dollar to do today and they are ready to profit from the opportunity.  They will instantly know the RBA decision, as the price of the AUD vs USD will move very sharply lower on a rate reduction and those traders with pending orders will be triggered into their trades quickly. I will update you on the outcome tomorrow in Wednesday’s Hot Market Tip.

Go to for the latest forex news.